KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Tanu And Aaliya Plan to Kill Pragya At The Hospital by Given Her Bad Injection on Monday 3 July 2017 | Gossip Mail

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KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Tanu And Aaliya Plan to Kill Pragya At The Hospital by Given Her Bad Injection on Monday 3 July 2017

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 768--769--770 Update on Monday 3rd July 2017

The Episode starts with Abhi bringing Pragya to room and make her sit. Tanu comes and asks him to come out. She says she is his to be wife and asks him to come. He comes out. Abhi says I was caring for her as she is wounded. Tanu says you are ignoring me and asks him not to take care of her. She says tell her to have medicine and says she will be alright. Abhi asks if she is done and says I have to do dressing of her hand and goes to Pragya. Tanu thinks I will think what to do. Pragya asks Abhi what she said? Abhi says nothing and says he will bandage her hand. Pragya says her wound is fine now. Tanu comes and says she will dressing her wound. Abhi laughs and thanks her for the offer. He does her dressing.
Purab comes. Aaliya gets irked seeing him. Purab tells her that you have decorated
your bed with thorns and says your life are filled with thorns. She says Pragya di’s kumkum and real love won and your hatred lost. Tanu comes and tells Aaliya that Abhi is taking care of Pragya as if she is heavily injured. Purab asks them to wipe each other tears now and goes.
Abhi tells Pragya that he is feeling hurt seeing her wound. Pragya says you are behaving like a child and says she will do her dressing. Abhi says no. He thinks why do I feel so connected with you and don’t want to lose you. Pragya thinks I know you don’t want me to go and is concerned for me. Abhi says I wish you could have understand that I am happy and sad too for your happiness. Purab comes and hides. Abhi asks why did you smile. Pragya says I was teasing you. Abhi says I will not leave you. Pragya says I want you never to leave me. Abhi asks what? Pragya says nothing. Tanu thinks what is happening and why I am letting this happen. She thinks who is Pragya? Who doesn’t look good and have no sense of fashion, or dressing sense. She says there is no comparison between us, if I take her to shoot then people will think her as my servant. She thinks to do something to make Abhi realize that Pragya is not suitable for him. She thinks what to do and sees a magazine. She thinks rocky can do this.
She says Rocky is the one who introduced Abhi to music world. He will bring Pragya’s truth to Abhi, lower her down. She thinks Rocky will do her work. Rocky comes home and asks anybody is at home. Tanu greets him. Rocky says you are looking good. Aaliya comes and greets him. She asks why did you come early morning. Rocky says Tanu called me and said that the matter is about death and life. Aaliya is surprised to know this and asks Tanu if you called him here. Tanu says yes. She asks Rocky to give them 2 mins. Rocky says okay. Aaliya asks why did you call her. Tanu says I want to throw Pragya out, she is having no class and status. Aaliya says Abhi likes simple girls. Tanu says if Rocky tells that Pragya is not suitable to stand with him and if he stays with her then his value will get down. Aaliya likes her idea. Tanu says Abhi accepts Rocky’s every word, and he will not refuse his talks. Purab comes and sees Rocky. Rocky greets him and asks try to get closer to him. Purab goes. Aaliya also goes.
Rocky says everyone leave me. Tanu says I won’t leave you and asks him to come, says she has a secret for him. Purab comes to Pragya and asks where is Abhi? Pragya says he went to bring soup for her. Purab gets happy. He tells her that Tanu and Aaliya are making some plan. Pragya says she is not scared of them and asks him to go else Abhi will feel guilty. Purab says okay. Abhi brings soup. Purab says I have to go. Abhi asks him to make his to be wife drink soup. Pragya and Purab are shocked. Purab says I don’t have time and goes. Abhi says he don’t have 5 mins and says I will feed you soup. Pragya says I will drink by myself. Abhi says I will make you drink and feeds her soup. Purab looks at them and smiles. Pragya is checking the file. Abhi says this is the same file. He pushes the files to floor so that she can have soup. Pragya smiles.
Rocky asks Tanu, what is the surprise? Tanu says Abhi respects you and whatever you tell him is like line on the stone. She says Abhi likes your choice. Rocky says I make him stand what he is today. Tanu says don’t know if his eye is defective or not and tells that Abhi loves behenji Pragya. Rocky says if I am not wrong but she is his wife. Tanu is shocked. She says Abhi lost his memory and got engaged to him. Rocky says okay. Tanu asks him to make Abhi realize that Pragya is not suitable for him, and even she is not suitable to stand with him. Rocky says I can’t this as I respect woman a lot. Tanu says I am also a woman and asks him to think as if he is returning her life by helping her. Rocky agrees. Tanu thanks him and says you are a sweet heart. Purab hears them.
Pragya cries and tells that she is dull and boring, not suitable for anyone. Abhi looks on sad.
The Episode starts with Abhi meeting Rocky and thanks him for guiding him and helping him to be a rockstar. Tanu says she called him to take his help for their wedding decoration. Abhi appreciates her. Rocky tries to insult Pragya and asks her to stand to side. Rocky tells Abhi that there will be two horses statue here. Abhi jokes one will be female horse. Rocky insults Pragya and calls her behenji, asking her to go and stand to side. Abhi tells him that Pragya is his secretary and going to be Purab’s wife soon. Rocky laughs and asks pragya to step infront. He says sorry and laughs again. He asks Purab to look at Pragya and says she is middle class, have no class and status, look at her dressing sense and behenji specs. He tells Abhi that his secretary should not be less than a model, and tells
Purab that she seems to be a joke with him. He says you are hot and happening, but she is middle class behenji. He says I will send my assistant and he will do all work. He takes Abhi to side and asks him to make Purab understand that this girl is not suitable for Purab, have no class and status. Pragya goes upset. Rocky goes.

Abhi comes to pragya and sees her crying. He gets affected seeing her tears….Tum Bin Jiya Jaye song plays…….Tanu tells Aaliya that Rocky said all which she wanted to say. Aaliya tells her that it is a good plan and tells that you are very clever. Tanu says she has learnt this from her. She says Abhi was hearing Rocky’s words silently, and says his words will make way in his mind and then he will realize that Pragya is not suitable for him. Aaliya says you did right and prove that even you have a mind in you. She says he said right that she is a behenji and have no match with my rockstar bhai. She thanks Tanu. Tanu says Rocky gave her perfect name, she looks like nani and works as a servant. They laugh. Purab is upset. Abhi says you are sad to hear Rocky’s words. Purab says do you want me to console her. He says I am happy that I didn’t get engaged to Pragya that day and says that day my life was saved because of my good fate. Abhi asks what do he means? Purab says whatever happens is for good. Abhi asks him to say clearly.

Purab says when Rocky said all that, my confusion was gone. He says when you fixed the engagement, I was tensed. When engagement was cancelled, I felt relieved and thought if I don’t want to marry her. He says I am thankful to Rocky that I don’t want to marry her. He says Rocky has much knowledge of status and says he said that Pragya is not classy, fashionable and boring. He says she is not my type and people will laugh at me if I go with her. He says I realize that I was never in love with her. He says Pragya is not suitable to be his wife, and says she has no qualities to be a wife. Abhi is angry and asks how can you reject such a good girl. Purab says I am correcting my mistake, how to marry her who is not my type, and I will become a joke. Abhi asks him to shut up and says life partner is the one with whom they can spend their life happily and says we don’t marry for world but for our happiness, wife is not a trophy to show to others. He says a good life partner is the one with whom you can live happily and asks him not to come in Rocky’s talks. He says Rocky can’t understand Pragya’s beauty and asks him to understand.
Purab says you have Tanu who is a super model and tells that it is easy to give lecture to others. Abhi says there is no comparison between Tanu and Pragya and says Pragya is far better than Tanu. Purab says if you like Pragya so much then we can exchange our girl friends. Abhi gets angry. Purab says I am asking you to exchange girlfriend and not wife. Abhi shouts his name. He says you have gone mad and I shall not speak anything. Purab says you have accepted that Pragya is nothing infront of Tanu. Abhi thinks what Pragya might be feeling and gets sad. Pragya is upset.
Purab comes to her and asks her to stop crying and says you are reacting as if Abhi told you. Pragya says he said right. Purab tells Pragya that he backfired the plan on Aaliya and Tanu. He says I told him that you are not suitable for me. Pragya says Abhi values Rocky’s words and he said that I am not fashionable, have no status and shall not stay in this house. She asks what you have done, you have make the situation worse. Purab says no.
He says Abhi have become more protective and caring whenever someone try to separate them. He says when I was badmouthing about you, he raised his hand on me, but stopped himself. Pragya says he slapped you. Purab says no. He says when Abhi can raise hand on his best childhood friend, see what he will do now.
Purab tells Tanu that Abhi and Prgaya will get more closer now and asks her to get ready to leave the house without marriage. Tanu is irked and angry.
The Episode starts with Abhi asking Rocky how can he say insulting words to Pragya. Rocky badmouths about Pragya’s looks and calls her ugly. Abhi asks how dare you to call her ugly. Rocky says you have returned my favor well. He says I came here to meet Tanu. Abhi says you don’t know Pragya and have spoken so much about her. He says Pragya is highly intelligent and educated, and she is not much rich, but she is rich with values, and says you don’t deserve to be my friend. Rocky says you are crossing your line. Abhi asks Rocky to get out and says you have crossed humanity limit. Rocky says he will ban him from Industry. Abhi asks him to do whatever he wants, and asks him to leave. Purab sees Abhi scolding Rocky and thinks Abhi’s love could be seen.
Tanu asks Abhi to see the decoration
pics. Abhi says he is not in a mood and tells that he is upset about Rocky’s words. Tanu says I wants to talk to you about it and says I feel that Rocky shouldn’t have told this on Pragya’s face, although he said truth. She says we know that Pragya is simple, and have no sense to sit in high society. She says Pragya doesn’t know how to dress classy and says whenever you take her to party, my friends laugh on her. She says I feel like your fan following will get down because of her and your market value also will get down. She says you look best with me and not with her. She says everything will be fine now. Abhi says even you think like Rocky, I thought being a good human is nice and asks what did you learn by staying with me. He says I like simple people, but I am a rockstar as it is my work, but I am simple from inside. He says I am angry on Rocky and feeling sad on my decision to choose you, it is really sad. You couldn’t understand me or Pragya, and goes.
Pragya tells Beeji that Abhi tied bandage on her hand with much love. Beeji says it seems her wound will be fine soon, and it is because Abhi’s love. Abhi comes there and asks what they are talking? Sarla asks him to sit. Abhi says I don’t want to drink tea now. Sarla says I will bring halwa and asks him to sit for 2 mins. Abhi sits. Beeji says I will come and goes. Pragya asks why did he come so early in the morning. Abhi says can’t I come and asks what Beeji was saying? Pragya asks if you have any work? Abhi says I have to take you out now itself else Sarla aunty will make me eat halwa and make me sleep here. He says he is troubled and asks her to come. He takes her with him.
Aaliya asks Tanu if Abhi likes décor idea. Tanu says whatever we do against Pragya, but we lose and Pragya get advantage. She says Abhi will do something and now he hates Rocky. Aaliya asks her not to think bad. Tanu thinks what Abhi will do.
Abhi and Pragya are in car. Pragya thinks why he is in tension and why not speaking. Abhi thinks how to tell her that she has to change for Purab, although she seems to be perfect for him. He says he thought to go somewhere. Pragya asks if Tanu was busy? Abhi says yes. Pragya says it means I am his second choice. Abhi asks what did you say? Pragya says nothing. He says we will sit in café. Pragya asks him to stop car and covers his face with her dupatta. She says if your fans identify you then we can’t enjoy. She asks him to come.
She asks Abhi to eat Gola. Abhi says icecream. Pragya says she likes to eat Gola since childhood and reminisces about Bulbul. Abhi asks who is Bulbul? Pragya says she was her sister and was dead now. Abhi asks what happened to her. Pragya gets sad and recalls her death. They get Gola and begin eating it. Allah Wariyan song plays……Pragya says you are eating Gola like a child and looking cute. Abhi thinks nobody sees her from heart sight, thinks no girl can be innocent and simple like her. Suddenly Pragya gola falls down. She gets sad. Abhi looks at her.
He laughs and says she made Gola fall like a kid and asks her to eat his Gola and says he is done. Pragya eats his gola. Allah Wariyan plays…..Abhi looks at Pragya.
Purab asks Tanu to leave idea of marriage with Abhi, and says the more you try to separate them, they will get closer. Abhi says girls look more beautiful in bridal dress and covers her head with dupatta. Pragya gets touched.. .


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Gossip Mail: KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Tanu And Aaliya Plan to Kill Pragya At The Hospital by Given Her Bad Injection on Monday 3 July 2017
KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Tanu And Aaliya Plan to Kill Pragya At The Hospital by Given Her Bad Injection on Monday 3 July 2017
Kumkum Bhagya Episode 768--769--770 Update on Monday 3rd July 2017
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