KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Abhi Cacthes Nikhil Red Handed Police Arrested Nikhil And Get Pragya Back Home Tuesday 1st August 2017 | Gossip Mail

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KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Abhi Cacthes Nikhil Red Handed Police Arrested Nikhil And Get Pragya Back Home Tuesday 1st August 2017



The Episode starts with Sarla turning back and looking at the goons. She gets doubtful. They take Pragya from there. Sarla sees ring on the floor and thinks Pragya brought this for her and me. A fb is shown, Pragya telling Sarla that some uncle was selling rings on the streets, so she brought it. Sarla says I understood. Pragya says one day I will bring gold ring for you and asks her to wear ring. She runs towards the tempo. Janki asks Sarla to come. Sarla runs outside. Pandit ji asks Abhi to make swastika apply on something. Abhi recalls promising Pragya and looks at her hand kerchief. Main Tumko Chahunga plays…..

He imagines Pragya and thinks how can I stay without her. How I will meet her tomorrow, once I marries Tanu then how I will meet her and with which relation. He thinks he will lose
all his happiness because of one promise. Sarla sees goons taking Pragya in tempo and is shocked. She shouts….and tries to fight with them. Janki also comes there. Goons catches Sarla and Janki. Damru hits on Sarla’s head and escape. Janki holds Sarla as she is about to faint.

Aaliya asks Tanu who had made her unconscious. Tanu tells that Purab made her unconscious and made her smell something. Aaliya tells that they got you unconscious and then tried to make Pragya marry Abhi, and made her wear your bridal clothes. Tanu is shocked. Nikhil says their purpose is to get them married. Aaliya says we found you in the bathroom. Tanu says I can’t leave Purab. Nikhil says he could have killed you, but thank god you are saved. Tanu says she will not leave him. Aaliya asks them not to tell them anything and they will be punished if you marries Abhi right infront of their eyes. Nikhil says they thought Abhi will marry Pragya, but you will marry him. When marriage happens, then their dreams will be broken. Aaliya says we will get enjoy double seeing their defeat. She says when you marry Abhi, they will think that Pragya is marrying him, but when they come to know that you have married him, they will be shock. Nikhil says by the time, they come to know this, you will be already married. It is like making them defeat in their own plan. Tanu, Nikhil and Aaliya shake hands.

Pragya wakes up in the tempo and asks goons who are they? They hold her while she asks them to leave her. Janki cries and asks auto driver to help her take Sarla to hospital. Aaliya and Nikhil are taking Tanu downstairs. Tanu feels drowsy. Aaliya tells him that she will take Tanu else Dadi will be doubtful. Tanu asks her to tell Panditji to hurry up marriage. She says she will settle scores with them. Pragya shouts for them. Nikhil thinks Abhi will marry her only. Pragya bites goon hand and shouts for help. Goon hits on her head and she falls down.

Mitali asks Abhi see Tanu coming. Abhi looks at her. Mitali says Tanu is here. Dasi says our bahu came. Pragya falls weak…hamari adhuri kahani plays…..Aaliya makes Tanu sit with Abhi. Goon ties Pragya’s hand. Abhi recalls Pragya telling him I love you. Suddenly Pragya’s handkerchief falls in the havan kund. Abhi tries to take out the watch. Tanu wonders what happened to him. Purab asks him to tell what happened? Mrs. Mehta and others ask what he is searching? Abhi burns his hand while trying to get her watch. Tanu thinks what he was doing and thinks to act like Pragya for sometime. Janki brings Sarla to hospital and admits her. Doctor takes her to emergency. Dadi asks Dasi to bring ice. She asks Abhi why did he put his hand in agni. Abhi says Pragya’s watch and says how he could let it burn.

Aaliya does their ghatbandan. Tanu smiles. Aaliya says finally ghat bandhan happened? Dadi, Dadi and Purab are happy thinking Abhi is marrying Pragya. Pragya is held captive. . .

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Abhi why did he put hand in havan kund. Abhi says Pragya’s favorite watch given by her mum fell down in the havan, says she left from here, I will keep it safely with me. Dadi thinks he loves Pragya very much. Purab thinks pragya will be always with you. Aaliya comes and asks Abhi to come as mahurat is ending. Dadi asks her to wait. Aaliya says Pandit ji is getting angry. Goon calls Nikhil and tells that while they were taking Pragya to tempo, Pragya’s mum saw them. He says she was not making us go. Nikhil asks did you kidnap her? Damru says we didn’t kidnap her. Nikhil asks did you leave her to shout. Damru says he hit her so hard that she will not wake up for 4 days atleast. Nikhil asks her to make Pragya in their captivity. Damru says she is unconscious. Nikhil
thinks thank god Damru handled Sarla and thinks they are rahu in my life. Janki calls on Abhi’s no. Mitali picks the call and says he is busy in mandap. Janki asks her to give call to Abhi.

Mitali refuses and says marriage rituals are going on. She requests her. Mital says I will try and goes to Abhi, but Aaliya comes and holds her hand stopping her. Mitali says Janki called and pleaded infront of me to give call to Abhi. Aaliya understands and asks her to give phone to her. She takes the call and makes sound. Janki thinks Abhi is on call and tells that they saw goons taking Pragya out, and the goons hit on Sarla. She asks him to save Pragya and cries. Aaliya smiles hearing this and asks her not to take tension. She says you are late as Pragya’s destiny is bad, and tells that your Ramayan will not reach Ram and he will not go and save Sita. She cuts the call and says all lines reaching him will be closed tonight and thinks even God will not go and save her. She calls him again. Aaliya breaks Abhi’s phone and crashes it with her foot and smirks.

Janki says who will save Pragya now. Pandit ji asks Aaliya to tie ghatbandhan of bride and groom. Aaliya does their ghatbandhan and signs Tanu. Tanu smiles. Aaliya congratulates Abhi and says you will be together for lives. Dadi and Dasi think Aaliya is teasing them. Purab says she will be shocked when she comes to know that she did Pragya and Abhi’s ghat bandhan. Mitali thinks Abhi and Tanu will marry now, and I will become jethani again. Tanu thinks once marriage happens then I will teach them a lesson and will meet pragya and will show my mangalsutra and sindoor. She thinks pragya might be burning now thinking why she is not here. Abhi feels suffocated and thinks how I will live after marriage. He thinks if I have been marrying Pragya then everything would have been happy around me. A sad song Hamari Adhuri plays……He recalls their moments and gets sad. Pragya is in kidnapper’s tempo and unconscious.

Janki prays for Sarla. Sarla gains consciousness and asks where is Pragya? She asks did you go inside Abhi’s house and tell him and Dadi. Janki says I tried to call him, but. Sarla asks why didn’t you tell him and go inside. Janki says you were injured and your head was bleeding. I thought to take you to hospital. She says I tried talking to Abhi, and Aaliya picked the call and talked to me. Sarla cries and says Aaliya and Tanu want to snatch my daughter’s sindoor. She gets worried for Pragya and asks Doctor to let her go. Doctor asks her to understand and says we have done your test. Sarla says I have a mum’s heart and cries.

Abhi says he couldn’t bear anymore and wants to get up from mandap. He says he can’t get up as it will be wrong with Pragya. Tanu thinks Pandit is reading mantra slowly. She thinks to ask Aaliya to make Pandit recites the mantra fast. She thinks once marriage happens, I want to keep their upset faces. Mrs. Mehta tells Mr. Mehta that Aaliya told that Nikhil kidnapped Pragya and saved Tanu’s marriage. She tells her husband that Dadi is happy as if Shiv and Parvati are getting married. They make fun of Dadi, Dasi and Purab. Dasi asks her to look at Tanu’s mum. Dadi says she is laughing at her defeat. Purab says he is thinking about Tanu, and says she will go mad with shock. Dadi laughs and says Aaliya will get unconscious.
Dadi, Dasi and Purab are shocked to see Tanu sitting on the mandap.
The Episode starts with Purab telling Dadi that Tanu will be in shock/sadma. Dadi laughs and says Aaliya will be more shock. Dasi says we have to call ambulance. Purab asks them to control. Dasi says they will be more shock when they come to know that Abhi married pragya. Nikhil’s goons are taking Pragya inside the place. Damru tells that Pragya is very clever and tells that he has to take revenge from her for his brother. He tells that abhi will be married to Tanu and then her conspiracy will be finished. He says your husband will become other in sometime. Pragya blames him and slaps him hard. She says you will understand when this thing happened with you sister. Damru asks them to tie her hard so that she feels pain.

Nikhil calls Damru and thinks if pragya’s mum reached there. They tie
Pragya in factory. Pragya says you are doing wrong and says once my husband come to know that you have tied me here then he will not spare you. Damru asks his goons to keep eye on her, and asks if their walkie talkie is ready. He demonstrates how to use it. Nikhil asks where is he? Damru says there is a network problem. He tells that pragya tried to escape and bitten his man’s hand, and have slapped and threatened me. Nikhil say she is yearning for her husband and asks him not to leave her. He tells that he will show her husband’s marriage live to make her more pained. Damru asks Pragya to see her husband’s marriage live and asks her to dance and sing song. Nikhil holds the phone near Abhi. Pragya cries. Nikhil sits there. Pandit ji asks him to do the rituals. Damru asks her to cry and says you will have slap pain now. Pragya cries…and recalls the moment spent with him. Hamari Adhuri plays…..

Nikhil thinks I am making Pragya hear the mantra and thinks her face is a must see. Abhi asks him why he is holding the phone strangely. Nikhil says your big fan wants to hear your marriage. Abhi says my big fan is pragya and wants to talk to her. Pragya shouts asking Abhi to come and save him. Tanu thinks what Nikhil is doing. Aaliya thinks he will do some problem. Abhi asks Nikhil to give call to him. Nikhil gives the phone. Abhi says hello….Pragya cries hearing him. Goon keep her mouth shut and keeps on her mouth. Abhi says you wants to hear my marriage, so I talked. He tells Nikhil that voice is not coming. Nikhil says may be network problem. He goes. Tanu thinks thank god, my marriage is not stopped. Nikhil talks to Pragya and says sorry as he couldn’t make her hear marriage mantras. He says you couldn’t see or hear marriage mantras now, but can tell you. He tells that Abhi put ghee in the havan. Pandit ji told Swaha, and says he will do commentary of rounds.

He says you have made my life hell pragya and made me beg for money. Pragya says what do you think that I will stay here for life and will take revenge. Nikhil laughs and says I shall be scared of you and infact I am scared. He jokes that he can die due to the fear. Pragya shouts that this marriage will not happen. Nikhil laughs. Nikhil tells that this marriage will happen as even God can’t stop this marriage now. Pragya says you will see soon what God will do. She says you will see miracle happening.

Nikhil tells that rounds will start now and your reverse rounds. He says I mean your reverse countdown have started. Pandit ji asks them to stand for round and rituals. Mrs. Mehta tells that they will lose and we will win. Aaliya says she wants to enjoy seeing their faces and says she will lift Tanu’s ghunghat. Dasi says we will win after rounds and garland. Sonali asks Tanu to get up. Tanu gets up, but falls down. Purab, Dadi and Dasi are shocked to see Tanu in bridal wear instead of Pragya.

Purab asks why Tanu hide her face under veil. Abhi and Tanu taking rounds. Pragya thinks marriage must have started..
The Episode starts with Dadi, Dasi and Purab getting shock seeing Tanu instead of Pragya in the mandap. Tanu is also shocked as her truth is revealed. Aaliya goes to Tanu. Tanu tells that lehenga got stuck in her feet and she fell down. Aaliya asks her to sit properly, and says marriage is of you only, sit with full rights now. Dadi says if Tanu is here then where is Pragya? Dasi says if they have made her unconscious. Dasi, Purab and Dadi search for Pragya in the room. Dadi wonders where is she? Dasi asks did you see her in your room. They go to Dadi’s room and see her missing even there. Purab thinks where did she go? Dasi says Aaliya and Tanu might have done something. Dadi cries and prays for her safety. Dasi says if marriage happen till then? Purab calls her.

Pragya thinks nobody knows
that she is kidnapped and thinks they might be happy thinking she is sitting in the mandap. Her phone rings. Damru asks whose call it is? Pragya asks him to let her talk to him once. Damru asks if I am bitten by the mad dog and laughs. He thinks what to do. Goon goes out and picks the call, says it is a wrong number. Damru asks him to break phone with hammer, and then throws it on floor to break and stamp his legs on it. Purab tells that some man picked the call and said wrong number. He calls again, and it comes as switched off. Dasi says we shall inform Police. Purab says Tanu hide her face as she don’t want us to know where is Pragya? Aaliya asks Tanu not to do anything wrong and says you will get married. Pandit ji asks Tanu to make him wear garland. Garland slips from her hand. Mrs. Mehta picks the garland and gives to Tanu. Abhi sees Tanu and imagines Pragya. He then sees Tanu. Tanu makes him wear the garland. Everyone shower garland on them.

A fb is shown, Abhi recalls teasing Pragya while she was making garland. She sees him taking the thread and teases him. He asks why she presents garland to God always. Pragya tells that whenever she presents mala to God, she believes that her relation with god is for lives. She asks why do groom and bride exchange garland. Abhi gives his wrong reasoning. Pragya says when bride makes groom wear garland then she promises that she will stay with him for forever, and husband promises that he will take up her responsibility for forever and will take care of her. He asks why flower garland. Pragya gives her reasoning that flower and its smell can’t go, but thread keeps them united. She says it is an important rasam. Abhi asks why this rasam is limited for marriage and says whoever likes each other can make each other wear garland. Pragya smiles. He gets up and bends his head down asking her to make him wear garland. Pragya says it is for God. Abhi tells he wants him to stay connected with him for life. He asks him to make him wear garland and bends his head. Pragya makes him wear garland. Abhi also makes her wear garland. Teri doori na sahu plays……Abhi says your relation is connected with me for forever and promises to fill her life with colors and be with her forever. Fb ends.

Aaliya asks Abhi to make Tanu wear the garland. Abhi makes her wear garland. Everyone claps. Pandit ji asks them to stand for rounds. Purab asks Aaliya to talk to him and come to side. Aaliya refuses to talk to him and says my brother marriage is going on and not the conference. Mrs. Mehta tells her that he might be thinking what to do now. Aaliya says I just shooed him away and tells that marriage is going to complete soon.

Mitali asks Aaliya what they are talking about. Aaliya tells her everything about Dadi’s plan. Mitali is shocked and asks what you are saying? This is a good news. Mitali tells that her stomach will pain and asks her to tell how she made this possible. Aaliya tells that how can their plan be success when I am here. Mitali says it is good, as I don’t like here. Aaliya smirks.

Abhi and Tanu are taking rounds. Suddenly Abhi falls down as he recalls something..


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Gossip Mail: KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Abhi Cacthes Nikhil Red Handed Police Arrested Nikhil And Get Pragya Back Home Tuesday 1st August 2017
KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Abhi Cacthes Nikhil Red Handed Police Arrested Nikhil And Get Pragya Back Home Tuesday 1st August 2017
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