JODHA AKBAR Update: Maham pleads to jodha to not send her away, jodha is in tears, maham cries and says can you do me a favor, before sending me away from her on Monday 28th August 2017 | Gossip Mail

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JODHA AKBAR Update: Maham pleads to jodha to not send her away, jodha is in tears, maham cries and says can you do me a favor, before sending me away from her on Monday 28th August 2017

Jodha Akbar Episode 328--329--330 Update on Monday 28th August 2017 


Scene 1
jodha says to moti that my wardrobe is flowing clothes, I don’t know how to handle them, moti says me and zakira will handle it, you don’t worry, zakira says yes you should take rest, jodha says I am fine, zakira says you should reat to be fresh, ruks comes there and ask jodha to leave all the work, she ask her to take rest and not work, ruks says you are going to be mother and you should take care of your healt, you made me mother too and now you have to protect my and your child now, she says from now on hoshiyar will serve you as she is clever, ruks says from now on I will check jodha’s food before she eats as I am worried for the curse which maham gave to jodha’s children, jodha recalls how maham said that I pray jalal also takes his children’s deadbodies in his hands, ruks says leave it, she says I am going to salima, she ask jodha to not get up frombed. she leaves. jodha says to moti that I forgot about maham anga, I should help her, moti says jalal wont like it, jodha says I know what maham did was wrong but I have humanity, you ask doctor to go to maham and check her, moti agrees.

maham is taking to herself, she says yes adham, I will accompany you to Kabul, we both will go, resham comes there and says look who has come here, its doctor, maham says I am talking to adham, she scolds doctor for not greeting her, doctor says sorry and greets her, doctor says I came to check your health, jodh has sent me, maham fumes and says you are jodha’s spy, I don’t need her sympathy, her medicine, just go from here otherwise I will kill you, maham says tell jodha that I am going to die soon, resham pleads her to take the medicines, maham says you have become jodha’s puppy resham, I don’t wanna see your face, go to your jodha and tell her that I wont take any medicine or sympathy given by rajvanshi women even in my last days. she ask resham to get lost, resham is crying and leaves with doctor.
jodha touches zakira’s feet, zakira says what are you doing? iam your dasi, jodha says you are my teacher and we greet our teachers, you are making me learn Quran Pak so I have to give respect, they start the class, jodha reads some verses of Quran, zakira points out her mistake and jodha picks lines very well, jodh underlines the points which she finds difficult, zakira says I will be proud whole life that you made me your teacher, jalal comes there, zakira leaves, jalal says you are learning Quaran? jodha says yes, jalal says you are learning Islam very well, that’s commendable, jodha says I have to learn it as I have to give knowledge to my children, I have to give them knowledge of both religions, jalal says you are great, jodha says you have to learn about hindu religion too as you have to give classes to our children, jalal says but.. jodha says no reason to say no, jalal touches her belly and says some line of geeta, he tehn tells meaning of those lines in Urdu, jodha is stunned and ask from where did you learn it? jalal says like you learn it from zakira and others, I learned from todar and maan, jodha rests her head on jalal’s shoulder, jalal says our children will get knowledge of both the religions, resham wants to meet jodha but moti stops her, jalal leaves from jodha’s room, moti comes to jodha and says you should ask resham to not come here, jodha ask did doctor check maham? moti says maham denied to take medicine, I request you to not involve yourself in this matter, jodha says I have to go to maham, moti says what if ruks come here in your absence? jodha doesn’t listen and leaves from room, moti goes behind her.

Scenen 2
maham has completely lost her mental balance, jodha and ruks comes to her cell, maham is writing adham on floor, resham says to jodha that see she was once a prime minister and now she doesn’t even eat food, jodha ask moti and resham to go out, she goes to maham and ask her to eat the food otherwise medicines will not work, maham fumes seeing her and says you care for me, jodha says all care for you, maham says you came here to show your concern or to show that you have won against me and can control me, don’t show pity, jodha says its not like that, eat the lunch, maham throws plate on jodha’s face and says I don’t need this rajvanshi queen’s sympathy and neither I am indebted to your goodness. jodha’s head starts bleeding, moti and resham comes there being worried for jodha, moti says I told you that don’t come here, maham says yes dasi tell her that don’t come here, I don’t need her pity, I don’t wanna see her face, tell her to not come here again, jodha and moti leaves.
jodha and moti are going to their room, moti says I told you to not go there, maham is not worth your concern, she is not good and also she has lost her metal balance, I am telling she will have very bad death, she will die with lot of pain, jodha says why are you saying this, she has already got punishment and we shouldn’t say like this for anyone, they see jalal coming and are tensed, jodha ask moti to not look at jalal and ealk straightly, moti says I wont tell him anything but he will come to you seeing your tensed face, right then jalal comes to them and ask jodha you here? he sees wound on her forehead, he says tell me how you got this wound, who hurt you, jodha is tensed, ruks comes there and says I was searching you, you were not in your room, I told you to not go out of your room so why did you come here, she says oh God how did you get this wound, jalal says I am asking same, jodha says I went to kitchen and one box fell on my forehead, jalal says its all moti’s fault, why did she allow you to go out, jodha says its not her fault, jalal says it is, she knows you are stubborn then why she didn’t tell ruks about you going out, he ask ruks to keep an eye on jodha, he leaves, ruks takes jodha to her room.

Scene 3
moti says to jodha that we got saved today, jodha says I am sad that I lied to jalal, I did this to save maham, zakira says why are you doing this for her, she even cursed your children, jodha says she did mistakes but she is in pain, Rahim comes there and ask why is she getting ready in night, jodha says my clothes got dirty, she ask Rahim why he didn’t sleep? he says he was getting bored so came here, he says jodha you are looking beautiful, he ask jodha to come with him outside and play with him, jodha says its late night and you should go to sleep, Rahim gets sad and thinks of something, he takes kahna ji’s peacock feather, jodha says why did you take it, Rahim says if you want it back then run behind me, he runs from her room, jodha runs behind him, Rahim comes to one room and hides the feather, jodha comes there and says I am tired so please give me feather, Rahim says you have to catch me then I will give you, jodha runs behind him and catches him, she ask to give father back, Rahim says I don’t know, jodha sys give it back, dasi comes there and says salim is angry, rahim come with me, Rahim says I was coming only, jodha stopped me from going, jodha says what? he winks at jodha and goes with dasi, jodha sys he has become naughty, jodha finds feather on table, she find biography of humayun, she reads about maham, the mother of jalal, phuphi comes there, jodha says Rahim took feather so I came here, phuphi says I saw him outside, jodha says I read in biography that many times maham saved jalal’s life putting her life in danger, phuphi says yes, she used to love jalal a lot, she saved jala;’s life without thiking about herself, she ignored adham for jalal and seved him day in and out but as they say that one crime wipes all your good deeds, for adham maham started doing wrong and she went against jalal, she did crimes and lost jalal whom she loved a lot, jodha thinks.
jalal comes to bakshi and meets his niece, he brings gift for her but she doesn’t show any excitement, jalal says she may not like it but she must be liking her uncle(jalal), he talks to child but she si not responding, jalal says I feel like her health is not good, doctor comes to the room, she checks the child and says she is not responding to any sound, he hear sense is not fine, we have to see it, bakshi says this cant be true, jalal says don’t worry, we will call good doctors, all wives come there, jalal recalls how maham cursed his children, he is tensed but reassures bakshi, doctor points out child to be deaf.

Scene 4
ruks has brought some priest for jodha, priest gives smoke to jodha, jodha is feeling suffocated and says to ruks that I am fine and nothing will happen to my children, ruks says you have to take this smoke, like prayers have effect, curse have effects too, bakshi’s child has gone prey to maham’s curse, I don’t want same to happen to my child, you have to take this smoke, she leaves while jodha is feeling dizzy.
doctor checks maham and says to resham that maham doesn’t have much time, she may live till 2 days, resham and doctor comes to jodha, resham says maham is going, doctor says maham is not taking food or medicines and if this goes on then she will die in a day or two, her will to live is gone, after adham she is not willing to live that’s why I cant do anything, she leaves, resham cries, jodha recalls how phuphi said that maham took care of jalal like a mother and ignored adham too, jodha says to resham that she will try something till then you go to maha, resham leaves. jodha sits infront of her kahna and says please show me some way, jalal comes there and says I know that you are worried about maham’s curse, you are worried that our children wont be good because of her curse and that’s why you are praying but I wanna tell you that nothing can happen to our children with anyone’s curse, jodha comes to him and says I am not praying to be saved from maham’s curse but I am praying for her only, she is in pain, jalal says I know you have a soft heart but ignore maham, jodha says maham loves you a lot jalal, she raised you like your own child, jalal says I was under this impression too but I was wrong, she did all this to satisfy her greed, if she loved me then she would never give curse to heirs, she is paying for her deeds, you can continue your prayers, he leaves.

Scene 5
javeda talks to resham and says I cant do anything, maham took promise from me that don’t come to meet her, once she used to be most powerful women and now she doesn’t wann live, jodha comes there and says nobody wants to see maham in this state, she ask resham to ready food for maham.
maham is bearing pain, her face is pale, jodha comes to maham, maham sees her and says what kind of women are you, I told you to not come here but you came again, jodha ask maham to eat the food, dasi puts food on table, jodha says you have to eat the food today, maham says the day hasn’t come when jodha orders and maham follows it, maham throws away the food, jodha ask dasi to bring another plate, maham throws it again, jodha says I will keep bringing food, maham says you will be tired but I wont stop throwing the food, maham is about to throw another plate when jodha stops her and ask her to eat for the sake of her son, maham says don’t take my son’s name from your mouth, he is dead, jodha says no, your son is again coming in this world, she calls javeda in cell, javeda comes there, jodha informs that adham’s last memory, his heir, you grandson is in javeda’s belly, she is going to be mother of adham’s son, javeda smiles to maham, maham gets happy listening to it.

PRECAP- Jalal says to jodha that good days are coming when I will be waking up in morning with the voice of Radha and Razia, ruks is confused and ask who is radha and razia? jodha says jalal has thought the names for his daughters which is radha and razia .

Scene 1
jodha says to maham that you are going to be grand mother as javeda is pregnant, maham extends her hand to javeda, jodha helps her in standing up, javeda comes to her, maham blesses javeda and is very happy, jodha says what have you thought maham now? if you don’t take meds, if you don’t eat then I will have to raise javeda’s child, maham says no I am alive, she ask dasi to bring food, dasi brings, maham eats the food, jodha, resham and javeda are happy.

odha is with javeda, she says to javeda that I didn’t had any other option, I had to involve you in my plan to make maham eat, javeda says no, what maham did to you and now what you are doing for her, resham says you are really an angel jodha, javeda says life changes in seconds, what was I sometime back, I had everything and now I think that I will lose my mother(maham) too, jodha says don’t say like this, have faith, we will try to save her and maham will be fine, javeda says I pray the same, I wish the lie which we told to her would be true, lie is a lie and truth will come out someday, jodha says but because of this, maybe maham start living and doctor said that maham’s life is very less now.
sharif comes to bakshi and says I got to know from doctor about my child, he takes girl in his hand and says why are you punishing this small innocent girl, bakshi says doctor said that there is was out to bring hear sense back to girl, sharif hugs her and says my life got in body listening to this, now our child will be fine, bakshi says I am lucky to get a husband like you, you are changed a lot, sharif says no I am lucky to have you, he then gives evil smile.
maham is calling guard, guard doesn’t listen in one call, maham throws one thing then guard comes in. maham says are you both deaf, I called you why did you not come in one call, she ask soldiers to ask javeda to come here, I wanna meet her, eunuch soldier says that we are not allowed to call anyone here, maham says I just want to know if she is taking care of herself. soldiers leaves, maham is heart broken.
jodha is sleeping, ruks ask hoshiyar to take off curtains slightly otherwise jodha will wake up with a jerk which is not good for kids, hoshiyar takes off curtains, jodha wakes up and says I am sorry ruks, I didn’t know when sun came out, ruks says no, its not a problem infact you woke up early, jalal comes there and says ruks you wake up so early? I think you didn’t sleep as you don’t wake up so early, ruks says don’t joke, I wake up as I have to take care of jodha, jalal ask jodha is she fine, jodha says that when all good people are aounrd then morning is always beautiful, Jalal says to jodha that good days are coming when I will be waking up in morning with the voice of Radha and Razia, ruks is confused and ask who is radha and razia? jodha says jalal has thought the names for his daughters which is radha and razia. , ruks says but I am sure that jodha will give birth to baby boys, jalal and ruks biker about it, jodha says you both don’t fight, jalal says I didn’t think names for boys, ruks says I have alrady thought it, she tells atif and Shiraz, jalal says its good but I think one name should be rajvanshi so mine were better, jodha says no ruks thought good names. jodha says I have also thought the names for boys, that is Hasan and Hussain, ruks says wow beautiful names, these were names of grandsons of Prophet (P.B.U.H), jalal says they both gave away their life for Islam, names are very good.

Scene 2
sharif is getting ready, he is smiling, his father comes and says you are a stupid to be getting ready and happy by just wearing necklaces like girls, sharif says I am trying, father ask what? sharif says I am trying to use that cave which goes to jodha’s room, father says why didn’t you tell me about cave before, he ask have you stop working your brains, father says I have plan for jodha, shairf says no, don’t hurt jodha, father says you have feelings for jodha, I can see, I am not bakshi whom you can fool around, I know whats in your heart, if you want then I wont hurt jodha but we have to get rid of jalal soon.
maham is waiting for javeda, jodha comes there and says you will see javeda but 1st you have to take meds and have food, maham says I didn’t call you here, I want to meet javeda, why you daily come here, you must be wanting something, what is it, jodha says yes I came for some particular reason, maham says how selfish you are, tell me what you want from me, jodha says I don’t need anything but I just want that the curse you gave to jalal’s children, please take that back, maham says no, never, I will not take back my curse, you and jalal took away adham from me, you wont get happiness of children too, take your stale face from here, I will die but wont take back my curse, go from here, jodha says ok you don’t wanna see my face then I will try to not come infront of you, jodha is about to leave but maham says I want to meet javeda, I want to know if her baby and she fine? jodha says yes they both are fine and I will try to bring javeda to meet you, maham prays for adham’s child, jodha smiles seeing her praying, maham rudely ask her to get lost from here, jodha gets sad and leaves.

Scene 3
shari’s father(Khawaja buzrg) comes to jalal, todar greets him and leaves from there, jalal says I am sorry Khawaja, I don’t get time to sit with you and talk to you but I like to talk to you, I feel peace talking to you, Khawaja says I understand, kings have to look in every matter, Khawaja shows jalal stars, jalal I like to see this sky for a long time but as you said that work load is more and time is less, Khawaja says I am talking about astrology which I am interested in, you know these stars tell us about life to come, they move from their places each day to show future sings to us, jalal ask what they are showing today? Khawaja sayw they are showing that if some women is becoming mother and if her husband is with her today then child will get goodness of both the parents, jalal says I belive you, Khawaja says I pray that your child becomes more and more intelligent, he will become more good king then your ancestors, its a very good night and I suggest you to be with jodha this night, jalal says you are right and I was going there only, jalal leaves to jodha’s room.
sharif comes in jail, he opens cave gate and ask soldier to not inform anybody about this cave, sharif sits in cave alongwith soldier and ask him to close the gate of cave, sharif says to soldier that stay silent in cave that your breath noise should not go out of cave.

PRECAP- jalal comes to jail, its dark in jail, shairf comes from behind and strangles jalal by holding his neck.
Scene 1
jodha is in her room, jalal comes there, jodha ask you here? jalal says I don’t get time in day to spend with you, he ask her to sit, they sit on bed, jalal touches jodha’s belly and says you know I don’t like it good to be away from my kids, I like to be close to them always, he lies his head in jodha’s lap, jodha says oh you think about your kids but about their mother, jalal smiles and says when my kids are with you then my heart is with you only, jodha says cant you say direstly that you like to spend time with me, jalal says so I am telling you now only that I like spending time with you, jodha smiles and hugs him. jalal lies on bed, jodha lies with him, they both sleep in each other’s arms. they sleep. sharif comes to jodha’s room from hidden cave and sees jalal and jodha sleeping on bed, he says my trick worked, my prey(jalal) is here only, he closes cave’s door, jalal gets up with start when he listens some news jalal goes out and ask who is there? he comes out of room and finds resham there, he says you here? jodha thinks maybe she is here t inform about maham, jalal says you were never Mughals’ loyal, you always worked for maham, you must have come here to hurt jodha, resham sits in jalal’s feet and says its nothing like that, I am loyal to Mughal, he says from now on you are a common dasi, resham leaves. jalal and jodha comes in room and sees cave door closing, jalal comes to cave door in room and opens it, he ask who is there? he goes in cave, he runs behind sharif and his solider, sharif is running in cave, solider says jalal will catch us, sharif says I have one idea, you have to give away your life, he kills his solider and hides, jalal comes to jail, its dark in jail, shairf comes from behind and strangles jalal by holding his neck., sharif says I wont leave you now, jalal is shocked to find sharif there, sharif says why were you hiding, were yo spying on our king? I saw you running and I know you must be here to hurt jalal, jalal says Its me only, sharif leaves jalal, jalal says I don’t understand anything, someone was there in jodha’s room and why I came here, I found you here, sharif says I also came here as I listened noise of someone running, I came here and found this man who attacked so I killed him, I also don’t know what was happening here, jalal have doubt but leaves.
jodha thinks that resham came then she must have something to tell about maham, zakira comes there, jodha says jalal shouldn’t have done this, he shouldn’t have made resham a common dasi, zakira says jalal is right too, he is just protecting you and his kids, he cant trust anyone and especially maham, jodha says what should I do, should I tell him truth, zakira says not now, this can sour your relation with jalal.

Scene 2
in morning, jalal and all are ministers are in jail, the cave is getting filled, jalal is supervising it, sharif ask workers to do it fast, he says to jalal that one thing is clear, khaiber went to jodha’s room from this cave only, jalal says you may be right, maybe maham also knows about this secret cave, I don’t understand that people from outside of this palace knows about it and we don’t know, sharif says maybe that soldier yesterday night was going in jodha’s room so I killed him, jalal ask soldier to check jail for other caves, sharif says I have already checked it, you don’t worry, jalal whispers to one eunuch that to keep an eye on sharif, I am feelin uneasy with him being so much loyal, this much loyal can turn into betrayer, I will be happy if sharif is clean but I cant take the risk, I don’t want another adham khan, father of sharif listens all this that jalal has doubt on sharif.
father is with sharif, he scolds sharif for not killing jalal. he says you got a very good chance but you didn’t kill him and now jalal knows about cave, when you had put dagger on jalal’s neck, you would have killed him, sharif says there were many soldiers in jail, they would have killed me too, father says you lost the chance and now jalal is doubting you for your over acting of being loyal, shairf ask what to do now? father says I have one way, you have to be beaten up by jalal, sharif says no, father says you have to show that you can give away your life in hands of jalal, you have to show faith on jalal to gain his trust back, make some scenario in which jalal beats you a lot and you don’t say anything, only this can save you.

Scene 3
moti is putting curtains in room, jodeha ask her to be careful, jalal comes there and says I am sorry, I was supervising security so couldn’t come, I am hurt that maham is involve in all this that’s why she had send resham yesterday, jodha thinks how to tell you resham is innocent, he says I have decided from now on, I will stay with you in this room only, jodha smiles and says I fell safe, jodha hugs him, moti comes there and says ruks is beating resham, come fast.
ruks is beating resham and says you are not loyal, you are loyal to betrayer, she says how dare you to hurt jodha who is having my child, she is beating him very badly, jodh and jalal comes there, jalal says resham will get punished, resham ask jodha to save him, jodha says stop it ruks, I had called resham to my room, jalal ask why? why did you call resham to your room? jodha says I called him to ask about maham? maham’s health is not good, ruks says why does it effect you, let it be, jodha says no, she is in very bad condition, I saw her, ruks says why did meet her, she is dangerous and can hurt you, jodha says the person who is on bed only, how can she hurt anyone, she is very ill and resham came to inform me only, jalal is hurt to know that jodha went to maham without his permission, he leaves from thr angrily, ruks says see, maham came inbetween you and jalal even when she Is not present here.

Scene 4
jalal is sitting in his room, jodha comes to him and sits beside him, jalal says you care for all but I feel sometime you don’t remember how much I love my children and you, jodha says I know, jalal says even then you always put your life in daner, you always do something which make me sad, I have only one question everytime that why you did this? why? jodha says resham came to me and said that maham is very ill so I went to see her, jalal says I know your heart is very big, you care for all but I care for you and my kids, I have to protect you and my kids so now when you are tensed regarding maham then I have to do something, he calls dasi and says tell todar to send maham to delhi. jalal says to jodha that I want to send maham away from agra as I know if she stays here, you will go to meet her and you cant neglect the fact that maham doesn’t have even a drop of humanity remaining in her so this is my decision to send her away, ruks comes and says I agree with you jalal, maham doesn’t deserve to be here, she should be sent away, jalal and jodha are tensed.

PRECAP- maham pleads to jodha to not send her away, jodha is in tears, maham cries and says can you do me a favor, before sending me away from here, ask jalal to call me bari ammi(Elder mother) for once, please, jodha is distraught.


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Gossip Mail: JODHA AKBAR Update: Maham pleads to jodha to not send her away, jodha is in tears, maham cries and says can you do me a favor, before sending me away from her on Monday 28th August 2017
JODHA AKBAR Update: Maham pleads to jodha to not send her away, jodha is in tears, maham cries and says can you do me a favor, before sending me away from her on Monday 28th August 2017
Jodha Akbar Episode 328--329--330 Update on Monday 28th August 2017
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