KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Nikhil Catch Pragya Red Handed With Tanu Wedding Cloth, Pragya Slap nikhil and run away on Friday 28 July 2017 | Gossip Mail

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KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Nikhil Catch Pragya Red Handed With Tanu Wedding Cloth, Pragya Slap nikhil and run away on Friday 28 July 2017

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 829--830--831--832 Update on Friday 28 July 2017


The Episode starts with Dadi telling Mitali that she has accepted Tanu as her bahu. She says you gave Pragya’s place to Tanu so soon, very fast. She tries to see her face and tells Dadi that she is happy with her decision. Dasi says I thought you are stupid, but you are clever. She says Dadi called Tanu here to bless her. Dasi asks why did you come here? Mitali says some special pandit ji came here and wants to talk to you. Dadi tells that she will come after getting ready and asks her to go. Mitali comes back to Pragya and whispers in her ears that she did right to take Dadi’s blessing. Dasi makes her go. Purab tells that when Mitali couldn’t figure out she is Pragya then nobody will. Dadi eagerly waits for Pragyas grah pravesh. Nikhil calls his goon and asks him to come to Mehra house with
other goons. Goon agrees. Nikhil thinks your baraat is coming here…Pragya, this Diwala (himself) will take her.

Abhi recalls their love confession. Mrs. Mehta tells Abhi that there is a small problem. Aaliya tells Abhi that rituals and customs are important in Indian wedding. She tells Mrs. Mehta’s Guru ji told that the marriage is incomplete if baraat don’t come. She asks him to agree and says they will arrange horse. Abhi asks them not to force him else he will rethink his decision. Mrs. Mehta gets angry. Aaliya takes her to side and asks her to keep her voice low and says you are giving him a chance to think about Pragya. She asks her to understand and says marriage is more important than rituals. She says if Abhi changes his mind then he will not agree under any circumstances. Mitali comes to Aaliya and tells that Dadi is busy blessing Tanu. Aaliya says you are mistaken. Pragya tells that she saw Tanu in Dadi’s room and tells everything.

Aaliya says you have a misunderstanding. Mitali says even blind can tell who is bride today. Aaliya doesn’t believe on her. Mitali asks her to go and check. She goes. Dadi, Dasi and Purab are ready. Pragya says lets go. Purab says if anyone gets doubtful seeing us. Dadi asks Pragya to come and says we will make her sit on the mandap. Dasi says we forgot that Tanu is also here, and says if Aaliya brought her to mandap. She says how to stop Tanu now. Dadi sits sadly. Pragya says if that Tanu is already seated in the mandap. Dadi says then we can’t stop the marriage. Purab asks Dadi not to worry and says he will make her unconscious and lock her in room. Pragya worries about Abhi’s anger. Purab goes. Dasi asks Dadi to apply mehendi on Pragya’s hands so that nobody can doubt.

Mitali tells Raj that Mrs. Mehta was scolding her and was acting as if she is owner of the house. Raj asks her to leave it. She goes to get cold drinks for Guru ji. Aaliya asks Mrs. Mehta where is Tanu? Mrs. Mehta asks Aaliya to bring her. Aaliya says she is strange, I asked her to come within half an hour, but…she is about to go. Purab hides. Aaliya couldn’t see her. Pandit ji calls Aaliya and asks her to come. Aaliya asks Mitali to bring Tanu. Purab comes to room and sees it locked. He thinks what to do. He knocks on the door. Tanu thinks Nikhil might have called his goons. She opens the door. Purab asks what you are doing here? Tanu says it is my room. Purab asks her to return the gift which Dadi gave her and says it is needed for pics. Tanu asks when did she give me? Purab says I will search and thinks to do work fast. Dadi and Pragya are tensed.

Tanu realizes Purab’s intention. Purab comes to Dadi and Pragya and says Tanu have almost caught her. They ask what happened then. .

The Episode starts with Dadi Praying to God for Abhi and Pragya. Pragya asks Dadi if they are doing right. She says I want to marry him, but he refused. She fears if he will accept her or not. She says she should have taken Sarla’s approval. Dadi says I can’t let you do work, and says your way might be wrong, but your intention is not wrong. She asks her not to worry and says if anything goes wrong then she will handle the situation and support her.

Dasi asks Mitali where you are going? Mitali says Aaliya asked her to bring Tanu. Dasi asks her to keep sweets in boxes which they will give in shagun. Mitali tells that she will do later after marriage. Dasi scolds her and asks her to do. Mitali goes. Purab pretends to search the box in Tanu’s room. Tanu doubts on him and asks what is the
color of the box. Purab says blue. He asks what is under your eye. Tanu checks in the mirror and says there is nothing. Purab puts chloroform on the tissue and tries to make her smell. She pushes him and hits him. She says I will tell Abhi and then see what he will do. She says you are planning to stop my marriage. She is about to go out of room, but feels drowsy. She says you did bad, you made me unconscious.

Purab holds her and thinks she is dangerous, thinks to hide her in bathroom. Tanu opens her eyes and holds his sherwani. Purab makes her smell chloroform again and hides her in bathroom. Tai ji comes to Mitali and asks what you are doing? Mitali tells that she is doing packing of the sweets, thinking groom’s Tai ji shall do this and thought how she will climb the stairs. Tai ji says you are good. Mitali asks her to pack the sweets and goes.

Purab comes to Dadi and asks her to let him have water. He drinks water and tells that Tanu caught him when he was about to make her smell chloroform, but he made her unconscious finally and locked her in room. Dasi tells that she have diverted Mitali. Purab tells that Tanu hit him with chappal. They give credit to themselves. Dadi says you both have done bravery work and says she will get them prize from govt. Pragya asks them to shake hands. Dadi says we have to take Pragya downstairs now. She says who will take her. Purab says you. Dasi says if she takes Pragya then Aaliya will doubt on her. Purab says we shall make Mitali take Pragya down. Mitali comes to Tanu’s room and knocks on the door asking her to come as her marriage mahurat came. Tanu is unconscious in the bathroom. Mitali says Pragya is here, and says if you don’t come, then Pragya might sit with Abhi and marry him. She laughs and thinks why Tanu is not responding with Pragya’s name. She tries to open the door and thinks Aaliya will scold her. She then sees master key in her hand. Aaliya calls her and asks her to bring Tanu. Mitali opens the door and comes inside. She asks her to come and thinks to check in the washroom.

Tai ji tells Dasi that Mitali gave her work to pack sweets. Dadi asks where is she? Tai ji says she went to bring Tanu and says she will not leave her. Purab tells Dadi that they have to go there. Mitali knocks on the washroom and laughs saying Abhi might marry someone else. Tanu is still unconscious. Mitali thinks she is not saying anything and thinks to inform Aaliya. Mitali is going downstairs. Dadi asks where is she going? Mitali tells that Tanu is not in her room and may be got unconscious in her bathroom. She says she is going to inform Aaliya. Dadi asks if she wants to get scolded by Aaliya and says Tanu is in my room and not in her room. Mitali thanks them. Dasi says we shall take Tanu from Dadi’s room. Pragya looks at the sindoor and thinks of Sarla’s words.

Pragya gets worried seeing Aaliya, and fears she might lift her ghunghat. Abhi comes and takes Dadi with him. Pragya is tensed.

The Episode starts with Pragya calling Sarla and asking for her blessing. Sarla asks why? Pragya says for what I am going to do. She needs her blessings. Sarla says my blessing is with you always. She asks her to tell if there is any problem. Pragya hears sound and ends the call. Sarla tells Janki that she is worried for Pragya and plan to go from back door. Pandit ji asks Aaliya to call the bride. Aaliya says she will be coming. Abhi thinks to check if Pragya is fine and thinks until Aaliya is here, she will not let me go. Mrs. Mehta asks Aaliya to go and bring Tanu. Aaliya tells her that Mitali will bring her and asks her to relax. Aaliya says I would have gone if Dadi was here. Mrs. Mehta tells that’s why she is tensed and says they might harm Tanu. Aaliya says nothing will happen. Mrs. Mehta
tells that they shall not take any chance and start the marriage function. Mitali thanks Dadi for saving her.

Dadi comes near the door and calls Tanu to pragya and says Mitali came to take you. Mitali laughs seeing her in ghunghat and says it seems Dadi gave her sanskar also. Mitali stops them and says she has work with Tanu. She thinks Tanu promising to give her diamond if she brings Pragya to kitchen. Mitali tells that she wants to see Tanu’s diamond necklace and insists to see. Dadi asks her to see. Pragya gets tensed. Dasi calls Mitali just as she lifts the ghunghat, and tells that Aaliya called you. Mitali holds Pragya’s ghunghat and is about to see Pragya. Purab asks Dadi to keep the ghunghat down else we have to make her unconscious. Aaliya goes inside Tanu’s room and asks her to come. She is about to check in the washroom, but just then she hears Mitali’s voice asking Pragya to come fast. Pragya gets tensed and thinks if Aaliya will lift my veil.

Aaliya scolds Mitali for wasting time. Mitali laughs seeing Abhi. Abhi comes to Dadi and asks her to come as he wants to talk to her about something. Aaliya asks why did you come here and says marriage will start now. Abhi says he wants to talk to Dadi alone. Aaliya blames Mitali and thinks what he might be talking to Dadi. Aaliya scolds Pragya thinking her to be Tanu and says I asked you to come fast, but you have wasted time in make up. Pragya thinks thank god she went. Goons come inside Mehra house indisguise of caterer. They meet Nikhil and asks what is the work? Nikhil says when there will be any work, I will tell you. Goon says I will not leave Pragya this time. Nikhil asks Damru goon to be quiet for sometime. Dadi asks what happened? Abhi asks what did Pragya tell you. Dadi says I sent her home. Abhi asks when and why? Dadi says she was looking sad and worried, so I sent her home. Abhi asks if she was much sad. Dadi says yes.

Abhi says you would have asked her to meet me once. Dadi asks him to talk to her in the morning when she comes and asks him to marry for now. Abhi tells her that he don’t think that Pragya will come here. Dadi asks him to think about the marriage and says bride is sitting in the mandap. Abhi says he is really confused, his heart is asking him not to marry, while his mind is asking him to marry. Dadi says you have told everyone and now you have to marry. Abhi insists to talk to Pragya first. Dadi thinks how? Abhi says if I talk to her then I will feel light hearted. He says I want to know if she is fine and supporting my decision. Dadi thinks what to do now.

Aaliya comes to Mrs. Mehta and asks what is your problem? She says you was giving me big lecture and let Abhi go upstairs. Mrs. Mehta says he is here? Aaliya says Abhi is in Dadi’s room and don’t know what he was talking. Mrs. Mehta says you would have stopped Abhi. Aaliya says she tried to stop Abhi, but he scolded her. Mrs. Mehta accuses Aaliya for sending foolish Mitali to bring Tanu and her inability to stop Abhi and calls her careless. Aaliya says this is happening because of your carelessness. Mrs. Mehta goes on blaming Aaliya. Aaliya says you could do this also, and says you were busy in show  off. Mrs. Mehta asks her to have some manners. Aaliya says she is not Tanu, but Aaliya Mehra. Mrs. Mehta says if marriage had happened in Delhi then this wouldn’t have happened? Aaliya asks her to do marriage in Delhi and chosen Delhi guy. She says this marriage is happening because of me, and says if I get against it then Tanu and Abi’s marriage will never happen, and asks her not to show attitude.

Mitali asks Pragya thinking her to be Tanu to keep eye on Dadi’s room and says Pragya is missing and she might stop your marriage.
The Episode starts with Pragya thinking what Abhi might be taking to Dadi. She looks at her mehendi and thinks mehendi and kumkum have strange relation with each other. She thinks whoever is having kumkum in their destiny, mehendi gets applied to her hand, and thinks mangalsutra is of equivalent importance. Mahi Bolna song plays. She recalls how Abhi saved her. Mitali comes and asks what she is thinking? She says what is happening here, if marriage is going to happen or not. She says Abhi is talking to Dadi, while Aaliya is talking to your Mum. Mitali asks her to say. Pragya thinks what to say. Mitali says you are confused like me and asks her to stand there, and asks her to keep eye on Abhi, and says if Pragya comes then your marriage can’t happen. Pragya nods.

Abhi asks Dadi to call Pragya.
Dadi says how? Abhi says I will call her. Purab and Dasi come there. Dadi tells that Abhi wants to talk to Pragya. Purab asks what do you want to speak? Dadi says we have sent her home, but he wants to talk to her and satisfy himself. Purab asks him to think about Tanu and asks do you want her to cry. Abhi whispers in his ears that he needs to talk to Pragya and tells you knows everything about us. Purab tells him that he told everything to Dadi and Dasi, and they have explained her. Abhi says I shall talk to her. Purab says she will not cry infront of her mum and dadi. Dadi asks Purab to tell Abhi to make Abhi understand. Dasi asks him to marry fast. Purab asks him to marry Tanu. Dadi says we all will be happy then. Abhi asks are you all happy? Purab says our happiness lies in your happiness and that’s why we agreed. Abhi thanks them. Purab hugs him. Dadi says how to tell you why we are forcing you. Purab feels sorry and thinks we are getting you married against your wish. He sees Pragya’s watch kept there and recalls Pragya making romantic arrangements for him. A fb is shown. He asks Pragya to come. Pragya comes infront of him and hugs him. Main Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga Song Plays….Abhi tells her that he was searching her. Pragya says I was here and playing hide N seek with you. Abhi asks her to promise and asks her never to go far from him. Pragya promises him that she will never go far.

Mrs. Mehta tells Aaliya that you did wrong by telling that you can stop this marriage. Aaliya tells that she want this marriage to happen and asks her not to worry. She says your daughter isn’t ready yet and Abhi is talking to Dadi because of you. Mitali comes. Aaliya scolds her for leaving Tanu upstairs. Aaliya slips. Mitali laughs and helps her get up. Mitali slips. Aaliya asks her to get up alone now. Pragya thinks to go to Dadi’s room. Nikhil thinks where is Tanu going? Pragya is about to slip. Nikhil asks her to be careful and sees Pragya in ghunghat. Nikhil is shocked to see pragya and comes to her. He says pragya…you. What you are doing in Tanu’s clothes and asks where is Tanu? Pragya asks him to leave her hand and says she doesn’t know where is Tanu. Nikhil asks did you plan to marry Abhi by wearing Tanu’s clothes and says I understood your plan. He says I know Tanu doubted on you and said that you will do some conspiracy. He says Tanu asked me to keep eye on you and you are caught in colored clothes.

Pragya asks him to help her and wash his sins. Nikhil sees Abhi there and tries to take Pragya to room, and keeps hand on her mouth. Pragya’s handkerchief falls down there. Abhi is sad.


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Gossip Mail: KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Nikhil Catch Pragya Red Handed With Tanu Wedding Cloth, Pragya Slap nikhil and run away on Friday 28 July 2017
KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Nikhil Catch Pragya Red Handed With Tanu Wedding Cloth, Pragya Slap nikhil and run away on Friday 28 July 2017
Kumkum Bhagya Episode 829--830--831--832 Update on Friday 28 July 2017
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