KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Police Arrested Tanu for Setting Up fire on Pragya | Aaliya Plam Doom Against Pragya on Tuesday 18th July 2017 | Gossip Mail

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KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Police Arrested Tanu for Setting Up fire on Pragya | Aaliya Plam Doom Against Pragya on Tuesday 18th July 2017

Kumkum Bhagya Episode 798--799--800 Update on Tuesday 18th July 2017


The Episode starts with Abhi waking up in his room. Dadi asks Dasi to give water and asks Abhi what happened to him. Abhi says he saw what happened yesterday and says Pragya gave him breath and revived him. Dasi asks him not to make Pragya go far from him. Abhi asks where is Pragya? Dadi says she is in guest room. Abhi asks her to go and check Pragya, if she is fine. Dadi tells Dasi that she would have told Abhi that he shall have relation with Pragya and marry her. Dasi says I kept silent knowing about his health. Dadi prays Abhi and Pragya unite soon. Abhi goes to guest room and sees Pragya sleeping. He says good morning fuggi. He sneezes. Pragya turns her face while sleeping. Abhi thinks she is not waking up. He makes air bubbles with bubble gun and tries to make her get up. He says I will count
till 3 and then will throw water. Pragya gets up asking him not to throw water. Water falls down on the bed. Abhi laughs. Pragya says I would have drenched. They argue.

Pragya says you came there and got trapped in fire too. Abhi says if I was happy to caught in fire. He says when I fainted, you could have gone from there. Pragya says how could I leave you in trouble. Abhi says hum aapke hain kaun….Pragya says even I can ask same question and says hum aapke hain kaun. Abhi says we shall let this question go, and says this room, feather and kurti which you are wearing is mine. He says my next question is, what you have done to bring my breath back, says what you would have done to save my life. Pragya says I forgot. Abhi thanks her.

Pragya says you have fulfilled my wish. Abhi asks what? She falls over him and shouts. Abi says fan is dirty and thinks to scold Robin. He makes air bubbles with bubbles gun. Allah wariyan plays……Pragya asks why you are tickling me. Abhi says it is phone call. He attends phone and tells that Doctor called him to inform about Purab. Pan wala identifies Nikhil to be the person who hit Purab. Nikhil runs and sits in his car. Panwala asks someone to call Police. Nikhil thinks he is trapped as he escapes.

Fire brigade Inspector asks Pragya about the fire. He asks if the fire was already in the kitchen. Pragya says no, and says may be it was due to short circuit. Inspector tells that they have proof that fire broke out due to diesel and says somebody wants to kill you. He asks her to file police complaint. She asks him to keep the info secret as she don’t want anyone to get tensed.

Pragya sees Tanu lighting the candle and comes to her. Tanu gets shocked and asks why she is scared her, if she have burn? Pragya says she spoke to fire brigade and they inform her that somebody tried to burn and kill her. Tanu says I have many work to do. Aaliya asks Tanu what she was saying? Tanu says she was doubtful about the fire. Aaliya says I asked you to keep quiet for sometime and says your troubles will start now. She asks her to make plan with her boyfriend. She says if Purab would have been here then he would have made Abhi realize that Pragya is important in his life.Doctor informs Abhi that Purab is now out of danger and if he wants then he can take him home. Abhi says he will take him home.

Pragya informs Abhi about the kitchen fire conspiracy. Abhi asks if she has any doubt on anyone. Pragya looks on.
The Episode starts with Nikhil thinking Tanu have rejected his call and comes home to meet her. Tanu asks why did you come here? Nikhil says he is in trouble. They hide. Dasi and Dadi come there. Dasi senses someone is there and checks, but Nikhil and Tanu hides. Tanu takes him to room and asks why did you come here? Nikhil says I am trapped and tells everything that panwala identified him. Tanu gets shocked. Nikhil tells that if Purab gains consciousness then nobody can save him. Tanu tells him that even she is trapped as Pragya is doubting her for fire accident. Nikhil laughs. Tanu hears something and goes out. Abhi brings Purab home. Dadi asks if he got fine. Dasi says so this is your surprise and says you made everyone fine. Abhi says Doctor said that he will be fine soon. Abhi drinks water.

comes and gets happy seeing Purab. Abhi says Doctor said that Purab is out of danger and is recovering. He said I can take him home and can take care of him. Taya ji says there are so many nurses in the hospital who can take care of him. Abhi says he will take care of him. Dasi says he will be fine hearing my jokes. Abhi laughs and asks her not to crack some particular joke. Everyone laughs. Tanu comes and sees Purab, gets shocked. Abhi asks if she is not happy? Tanu says she is very happy and don’t know what to say. Abhi says I was thinking where to keep him. Dadi says guest room. Pragya says everyone stays in upstairs room and if he needs anything then…..Abhi says we will give Aaliya’s room to Purab. Aaliya says she don’t have any objection. Tanu thinks Nikhil is there and tells him that she has an objection. She tells that even she stays in Aaliya’s room. Abhi asks Tanu formally if she can give her room to Purab. Tanu says she has recently set her wardrobe.

Aaliya asks her to let Purab go and rest. Abhi asks Pragya to help him. They take Purab. Aaliya asks Tanu what is her problem? Tanu tells her that Nikhil is in that room and asks her to stop Abhi and Pragya from going there. Abhi and Pragya bring Purab upstairs. Pragya tells him that she will call Janki for Purab’s help. Nikhil sees them coming towards the room and hides. Pragya sees and checks, but he hides. Abhi asks Pragya to hold glucose bottle. Pragya asks why do you call me fuggi?

Abhi says it is good name and only I have copyright on it. Nikhil thinks their romance started again. Abhi makes Purab rest on the bed and feels bad seeing his state. Pragya asks did that Inspector tell anything. Abhi says Inspector is searching that man who is behind the accident. He says pan wala knows that man and tells that if Purab gains consciousness then he will tell who was that man and then I will not leave that man.

Pragya thinks about fire brigade officers telling her that fire broke out due to diesel and it was not an accident. She tells Abhi that somebody sprinkled diesel on kitchen to set it on fire. Abhi says there were many people at home and media too. How can this be possible. Pragya says that person took advantage of the crowd. Abhi asks if you have doubt on anyone. Pragya says I don’t have proofs. Nikhil is hiding under the bed and hears everything.

Tanu comes. Abhi asks her to come. She says I came to see if Purab is settled down. Abhi says yes. Tanu thinks where is Nikhil and checks under the bed. Pragya’s mobile falls down. She bends down to get the phone. Tanu asks her to stop and bends down to pick the phone. Pragya thinks why she is acting good. Abhi goes to washroom. Tanu tells Pragya that Dadi is calling you. Pragya says I didn’t hear her voice. Tanu taunts her. Pragya goes. Tanu asks Nikhil to come out. Nikhil comes out. Tanu opens the door and sees Pragya standing. Nikhil hides again.

Pragya says I won’t go until Abhi returns from washroom. Just as Pragya turns, Tanu makes Nikhil escape and closes the door. Pragya asks why did you close the door. Tanu says this is my room and my door. Pragya says this is Purab’s room now. Tanu says lets see till when. Abhi comes and asks what they are talking.

Abhi gets upset with Pragya for trying to apply color on his face on holi day. He says he will not have holi as his bestfriend Purab is not with him. He says you came here to tease me. Pragya nods no.

The Episode starts with Tanu telling Abhi that she wants to talk to him and asks him to come. Robin comes to Purab’s room. Pragya asks him to stay there until she comes. Abhi asks Tanu what she wants to say? Tanu says it is not necessarily that I will talk to you whenever there is something important. Pragya tells him that she will leave now. Abhi says okay. He then stops her and says he wants to tell her something. He says whatever you have done for me and my family, and thanks her for everything. He says you are not part of this house, but this house is incomplete without you. Pragya says I am part of this house, and very soon you will accept this. Abhi is surprised and clueless and asks Tanu if you understood what she told. He thinks it is impossible to understand women.

Tanu thinks today
is inauspicious and think someone she made Nikhil go. She goes to her room and sees Nikhil, asks why didn’t he go till now. Nikhil tells her that Abhi and Pragya are planning against them and tells about their conversation. Tanu is shocked and says I know something will happen. She says what we will do now. Nikhil says Purab is behind everything and says he will take my name if he gets consciousness. He says we need to kill Purab for our safety. Tanu asks have you gone mad? How you will go to that room, and says if Abhi sees you then…..he will kill you. Nikhil says I will kill him right now. Tanu says we shall make a proper planning. Nikhil says they shall not waste time in planning. Tanu gets an idea and asks him to come tomorrow on holi day. She says nobody will recognize you because of holi colors, you can come and kill him. Nikhil says okay and tells that he will come and kill him tomorrow. Tanu says everyone will know now that whoever tries to unite Abhi and Pragya will have to die.

Mehra family celebrate holi. Tai ji and Mitali apply color on each other and hug. Dadi asks Robin to serve bhujiya and something. Dasi asks him not to mix thandai and bhaang. Robin says okay.

Aaliya and Tanu come out. Aaliya says she hates colors and came here for Abhi. Tanu says she came here for Purab, and that he will die. Aaliya asks what she is thinking. Tanu says you might not want to play holi as Purab is unwell. Aaliya asks her to concentrate on her marriage and play colors with Abhi. Bunty and Babli come there to blast balloon on Tanu. Aaliya scold them and asks Tanu to go. Dasi bursts balloon on Aaliya and asks her not to feel sad. Abhi thinks his mood is not good.

Tanu comes to Abhi and says happy holi. Abhi shouts at her and asks what she is doing here. She drops the color plate. Tanu tells that she came to apply color on him. Abhi says he will not play holi as Purab is not with him and if anyone tries to play holi then he will break his relation with that person and throw him/her out of the house. Tanu goes. Guest applies colors on Aaliya’s faces. Tanu thinks why did I go to Abhi. Aaliya touches her. Tanu calls her servant and scolds her. Aaliya asks her to shut up and says Dadi and Dasi sent those girls. Tanu tells that Abhi didn’t let her color his face and scolded her, and made her feel insulted. She says he said that he will kick the person, whoever applies color on his face. Aaliya looks on thoughtful. Tanu says you are like Abhi and says I hate you. Pragya comes there. Dadi and Dasi bless her. Aaliya smiles and tells Tanu that’s he got brilliant idea. Aaliya tells Tanu that it is okay if Abhi don’t to play holi with her and want to play with purab. She says I will play with you. They see Pragya hearing them and leave. Pragya thinks Abhi is sad in his room without Purab.

Pragya gets pichkari from Bunty and thanks him. Aaliya says it will be fun now. Tanu says Pragya will be hot with anger that she don’t have to apply color on her face. Abhi is sitting sad. Pragya comes there and throws pichkari color on Abhi.. Abhi gets up angrily. Pragya realizes he is angry and goes to him.

Abhi asks pragya to leave and says he don’t want people who cross their limits and boundaries. Dadi is shocked. Aaliya and Tanu smiles.


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Gossip Mail: KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Police Arrested Tanu for Setting Up fire on Pragya | Aaliya Plam Doom Against Pragya on Tuesday 18th July 2017
KUMKUM BHAGYA Update: Police Arrested Tanu for Setting Up fire on Pragya | Aaliya Plam Doom Against Pragya on Tuesday 18th July 2017
Kumkum Bhagya Episode 798--799--800 Update on Tuesday 18th July 2017
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